Smith, Kristie

Western Australian Kristie Smith, who won the title by three shots at the Pegasus Golf Club in 2011,... View Profile
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Player Name:Afonso, Caroline
Club / Country: France
 Caroline turned pro in December 2007 and plays on the Ladies European Tour. She played 17tournaments last year which included a top 10 finish in the Helsingborg O... View Profile

Player Name:Allen, Beth
Club / Country: United States
Beth plays golf on the Ladies European Tour. Since turning pro in 2005, Beth has had 13 top ten finishes. Beth has been on great form, placing 2nd in 2013 at the Lalla ... View Profile

Player Name:Alvarez, Anya
Club / Country: United States
 Anya turned pro in 2011. 2014 is Anya's rookie year on the LPGA Tour. She started playing at theearly age of 5 and credits her father for influencing her career. ... View Profile

Player Name:Alvarez, Julianne
Club / Country: Manor Park
Julianne has a promising future in golf. The Wellington no 1 is part of the New Zealand Golf National Development Squad with a handicap of +3.4. Her most significant... View Profile

Player Name:Arthur, Bree
Club / Country: Australia
Bree is an Australian Professional golfer on the Ladies European Tour.  She has previously played the NZ Women's Open with a top ten finish in 2011.  Bree rec... View Profile

Player Name:Artis, Rebecca
Club / Country: Australia
 Rebecca is another Australian player taking part in the NZ Women's Open. Rebecca had a successful year in 2013 claiming first Ladies European Tour victory at the ... View Profile

Player Name:Bae, Seon Woo
Club / Country: South Korea
 Seon Woo proved to be tough competition in last year's NZ Women's Open. In 2013, she sharedthe leaderboard with Lydia Ko and came fourth overall. She will be expe... View Profile

Player Name:Baek, Kyu Jung
Club / Country: South Korea
Kyu Jung is currently on the pursuit to be a great golfer. She has represented her country of South Korea on an international level being a part of the World Amateur... View Profile

Player Name:Bagger, Mianne
Club / Country: Denmark
Mianne is a unique individual on and off the course. She was born in 1966 and became a touring professional in 2004. Mianne is a part of the ALPG and Ladies European To... View Profile

Player Name:Blomqvist, Minea
Club / Country: Finland
 Minea is an established player playing on the U,S LPGA Tour and the Ladies European Tour. Minea has won 2 European victories. Her most recent successful results i... View Profile
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